Snowdon – men in tights

April 22nd 2012

My 2nd trip up Snowdown. Just under a year later and the weather couldn’t be more different.  

Greetings from Doha!

February 18th 2010

So 6 hours in an airport! Great. At least having been so well looked after on the plane, I know have the opportunity to dig into my bag of tricks. This blog entry being one of them. Not having any local currency succs, had a scout around for a cash machine but so far no […]

London to Doha!

February 18th 2010

Having only had 4 hours sleep, I can feel the trip slowly catching up on me, but I did manage to grab some small cat naps on the plane! The journey to the airport wasn’t without incident but we arrived at Gatwick with plenty of time to spare. Having already met a funky French guy, […]

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