Welcome to my blog… Although not really a blog more a space for me to record various adventures, hobbies and observations. The fact its public is purely 50% laziness due to wanting to share content with friends and not wanting to create user accounts and 50% self indulgence. Come on who doesn’t like to read about themselves.

so sit back relaxe, make a nice cup of tea and go back to google as they have plenty of naked times

still here??? Good for you. Ok what more is there to say. Im in my late twenties, I work as a design and marketing consultant for e Solutions, you can see more of my personal work over at my portfolio website www.danieltuck.eu although that gets updated even less than this, but if you want to see what work I created 2 years ago, go for it.

My major passions include, climbing and travelling, when I can combine the two, well let’s just say I’m one mega happy bunny. I also enjoy any sport or activity which involves me getting wet, ideally infront of a large sun. A couple of years ago I learnt to sail, just small racing dingys. Sailing soon became a passion although I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like.

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